Hex-Rays IDA Professional V6.1 Georpalo

. text “`@`”), v2: new(@A), v3: “B”, v4: 1, v5: 0, v6: 1, v7: 0, v8: 0, v9: 0, v10: 0, v11: 1, v12: 0, v13: 0, v14: 0, v15: 0, v16: “C”, v17: “D”, v18: “E”, v19: 0, v20: 0, v21: 0, v22: 0, v23: 0, v24: 0, v25: 0, v26: 0, v27: 0, v28: 0, v29: 0, v30: 0, v31: 0.Guntur: A social worker from Telugu-speaking East Godavari district was allegedly forced to remove his clothes and keep standing naked in a public toilet for nearly four hours by a group of 40 people in Guntur. The incident happened at Kothakota railway station in Guntur city on Wednesday afternoon. The victim, identified as Kishore, told TOI that he was handed over to a group of people at the railway station who said he would not have to face such humiliation if he was not a Christian. Kishore, a native of Kurnool, took the last train to Guntur at around 5.30pm on Wednesday. On his arrival, he went to the railway station toilet. After using it, he walked to the main road and asked a group of people for a lift. They offered him a lift, took him to a deserted road, dragged him from his car and forced him to stand naked in the open. It was only after about an hour and a half when the culprits left, did he realise that he had lost his trousers. He immediately informed the police and returned to the railway station. According to police, Kishore claimed that the incident has happened on the basis of casteism. A case has been registered and efforts were on to identify the culprits, Guntur superintendent of police J Eswar Rao told TOI. Kishore refused to file a complaint until late in the night. The police had to file a complaint the following day and the police team went to the place where the incident happened. ac619d1d87

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